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Who are we?

Since the 70’s, we have worked hard to create an unique transportation company built on a foundation of reliability, honesty, friendly service, punctuality of deliveries and a family atmosphere. At the beginning, we have built the trust of customers in the field of goods transport on Polish territory. However, in a rapidly changing business environment, we adjusted our offer to needs of our clients. Therefore, we expanded our activity of the international transport in 1994.

Bearing in mind that the success of our client is a driving force of the company, we constantly take care of the fleet’s expansion expanding its with modern trucks and semitrailers (cooler type), which meet ATP requirements (international transport of perishable food products) and we have implemented HACCAP system.

Awareness of responsibility for goods entrusted to us causes that from many years, we strive for perfection in the field of distribution. We ensure for transported products appropriate conditions: insulated refrigerated cars, high hygiene, stable temperature and food safety.

If you are looking for a friendly and solid transport company, which for over 40 years takes care of the highest quality and punctuality of deliveries, cooperate with us.

Our aim

The measure of our success is customers’ satisfaction. Every day, we take off from shoulders of our client the problem of goods’ transport and we use best efforts to send their consignments in a proper target place, on time and in appropriate conditions.

Completely devoted to customers’ needs, we are looking for the best forwarding solutions and simultaneously increasing our productivity and reducing costs of contractors every day. At the same time, we make sure that all goods entrusted us are transported in hygienic and safe conditions.

We are proud to be a competent company that cares about the customer’s good deal. We believe that you will quickly notice the difference in services by using S-TRANSPORTATION services. This company will satisfy your transportation needs, thanks to the high quality of services.